I woke up at exactly 6:45am right on the dot and couldn’t go back to sleep. ;A; I think the jet lag was getting to me as I NEVER get up this early in Malaysia ever, so it was a pleasant surprise to be up this early and having all the time in the world. My favorite thing to do is to sit outside the balcony and watch the sunrise, again something I never see in Malaysia since I never get up this early :P

The view from my balcony while we’re on the subject….

Bumped into Patrick Lagniton (one of my team-mates in Malaysia) in Shane’s room. Invited him to join us for breakfast and the morning session.

Shane hibernating before the morning session.

The Tuesday morning session was extremely packed! Met the Aussie & Kiwi contingent of Jess, Sunny and Leyla. Than rolled with a lot of people that morning, it was interesting rolling with high level girls. Prior to this I’ve never rolled with anyone higher then a female Blue Belt and it was very interesting rolling with purples, browns and blacks from all over the world. The thing that stood out for me was that physical strength was hardly a component in their game but more of grip strength and fluidity of movement. Oh and I really need to improve my grip strength because compared to everyone else there, mine is virtually non-existent. Anyone got any tips? :)

I met Marcos Souza and rolled with him and Satoshi. They are super nice and rolling with them was like rolling with water, gentle but with firm pressure. Heck Satoshi even let me take his back a couple of times and even mount oiiiieeeeeee. LOL.

Lagniton with the Souza brothers

Then I met Xande Ribero and Rafael Lovato Jr. Man ARE they tall!

After that I had a late lunch and met Alison from Canada. She’s a really nice girl and her whole family trains (except for the mum) so she was telling us how nice family meal times are because everyone is talking about Jiu Jitsu! I later met her Dad and Brother who are equally as nice. I then rested since the morning session was really intense and later decided to explore the hotel and club for a bit and enjoyed myself in the steam room and sauna since everything is so frickin cold indoors. Mmmmm toasty!

Anyway, Shane wanted an early dinner so we could train in the evening but right after dinner…. I had a bout of food poisoning!!!! Omg it was horrible, I was vomiting, had the runs and was running a high fever. So needless to say no evening training session for me. I think what gave me the food poisoning was the lemon mint juice I ordered after my sauna from room service cause if I got it from the buffet, there would have been other people that would have gotten sick too but since I was the only one, guess it must have been the juice.

So Tuesday’s evening was spent nursing my tummy in bed and talking to the organizers about Tommy’s ticket and my room. :( 

Moving on to Wednesday!

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