Woke up in the morning feeling super dehydrated thanks to the food poisoning but was happy that the runs have stopped, I wasn’t nauseated and that my fever had broke. Yay!

Got a phonecall at around 8am letting me know that Tommy Yang was in the house! Phew! Right before weighs in too… I was so worried because we hadn’t heard from the abu dhabi organizers about his ticket till late Tuesday and was panicking till F texts me to say that “Tommy has left Malaysia for Abu Dhabi”. Thank God!!!!! I guess they really made me work for my organizer’s ticket huh ;)

This guy Ahmed totally deserves a shout out for making it happen! Thank you so much Ahmed and sorry for giving you a royal headache about Tommy. T_T

Since it was the morning of the weighs ins, many of the competitors (my team included) were seen hanging around the sauna and steam rooms to cut down the last kilos of water weight. As for me, I stayed in the room nursing my dehydration from the food poisoning.

Monstrinha got to connect with some of the ladies in the sauna room. One of them being Luanna Alzuigar who is so nice and so humble! After shedding some water weight, Monstrinha returns and we head to the venue at 9:30am.

The waiting was really terrible as they only allowed 5 people in the weigh in hall at any one time which is a little silly because the people in the weigh in hall weren’t really all that busy and they could have accommodated at least 10 people at any one time. 

We bumped into Allen and Adrian from BJJ Borneo our affiliate school in Kota Kinabalu and Arlene Lim from Evolve SG. It was nice to see familiar faces :) 

Met also the Checkmat girls who we trained with in yesterday’s session. They treated us like family since we’re part of Checkmat too and are so nice! I love that they have girly Checkmat apparel and I’m so tempted to ask Janni if she wouldn’t mind sending me a t-shirt and rashguard. Would gladly pay for it! :)

Lira from Paraguay, myself, Janni from Sweden, Monstrinha and Shanti from Denmark. We were missing Mile from Denmark in this picture! (picture taken by Kinya Hashimoto)

Lira was unfortunately nursing a really strange swelling on her foot so I offered to do some Chinese massage (where you try to massage the ‘wind’ out of the swelling) and also some Reiki healing. I think a lot of people were quite intrigued by the concept of massaging the wind/angin out and also the Reiki I was doing. She seemed to feel better after the Reiki so that’s good! 

I also met Andre Galvao and his wife Angelica Galvao. Didn’t take a picture with Andre though cause he was so busy cause everyone else wanted a pic with him, as for me I was super happy with my picture with Angelica. Man she’s super fit with her paper thin skin and vascularity that’s off the charts!

It was late afternoon by the time we got back to the hotel so we had a late lunch and met JT Torres who’s a super nice guy. We bonded together with the Lloyd Irvine team after they found out that Monstrinha lived in Baltimore for 7 years for school. That kinda earned their respect since Baltimore is quite a ghettotastic city.

Then we headed to the evening training session since Luanna was giving a seminar at 7pm. Arlene Lim from Evolve Singapore joined us too! 


Unfortunately we didn’t realize there were 2 mat locations until it was too late and that Luanna was giving her seminar at the other mat area! DANG, was so disappointed that we totally missed out her seminar. :( But at least we got to train with some of the people in the common room like the Checkmat girls and the Checkmat BB’s like Nicolini and Shanti. Also met Team Korea who despite language barriers were very warm and friendly! 

I think Nicolini was a bit horrified that all of us were doing the cutesy Asian thing lol. But it’s fun! *peace!!*

Me with Junior and Gabby

Monstrinha with Junior and Gabby

Then we called it a day after the evening’s session, went to see what Shane was up to and had dinner together.

Onward to Thursday baby!

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