Australia was such an amazing experience. BJJ + Holiday, what a perfect combo!

I was there for 10 days. 4 days was spent in Melbourne to compete in the Pan Pacifics which is an IBJJF tournament and also one of the largest tournaments I’ve ever had the privilege of competing in. 1100 competitors in total of which there were 100 female competitors. INSANE INSANE INSANE. 

Anyway we decided to train at Extreme MMA to acclimatize to the weather (and Melbourne was freezing for a tropical girl like me. 19 C during the day and 10 C at night had me bundled up in thermal wear) and to see our good friend Rodolfo Marques.

Also because of how things are in Australia, you MUST compete under an Australia BJJ Federation recognize team. So F and I panicked since we’re foreign and had no idea which team to compete under. Luckily our coach who trains with Marcelinho Freitas in Brazil asked if we could compete under Nova Uniao Australia and he said ok. So we decided to join one of his classes and thank him so much for allowing us to compete under Nova Uniao Australia.

If you’re ever had the chance to roll with Marcelino Freitas the best way to describe it would be NINJA STYLE. Super slick, super fast and just all over the place, you don’t even have a chance to catch your breathe. 

After that was the day of the tournament.

Team South East Asia represent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

In case you haven’t read my previous posts, I got 2 silvers. 1 for No-gi weight class and the other for Gi weight class.

I’m over the disappointment of losing my final matches! And now have been working in the gym to fix all my mistakes :) 

I didn’t join the absolute coz they happen on Sunday and F and I wanted to take the time to do some sightseeing. Plus it was expensive and with the Aussie dollar X3 to the Malaysian ringgit, I just didn’t feel like paying for more categories :P 

I had an amazing time competing in the Pan Pacs! I was kinda of sad that for Gi there was only one other person but was glad that they bumped me up to the next weight class for No-Gi to create a bigger bracket. Maybe next time for Australia I’ll just compete in 56 kilos and under just so I can get more matches… I usually drop (and this is natural, me not cutting my diet or anything) to about 53-54 kilos whenever I’m in comp season (all the training and eating a healthier diet) so it made sense at that time to lose 1-2 kilos to go below by eating super clean. But since the bracket is so small if I ever compete in the Pan Pacs again, I’ll just register for 56 kilos and under…. Hehhehehehe.

On Sunday we explored Melbourne town with our friends and I totally went apeshit over the food. OMG KOKO BLACK CHOCOLATE CAFE IS THE BOMB!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 
Yes the following food pictures were meals eaten on that Sunday alone. :P  

KOKO BLACK AFFOGATO IS JUST JDFSKDJ*#(@*#(@*#DJSDK *dies of happiness*

Some awesome Italian food! Spaghetti with Meatballs and Gnocchi with a 4 cheese sauce. While not 100% Italian in taste, it was super yummy.

Tim Tam cheesecake, although really I couldn’t taste the tim tams. :S

Vietnamese in Australia is just so insanely good! I guess because the ingredients in Australia are just a lot better? Better chicken, vegetables, beef, everything! *_*

Simon’s Peking duck. Yummy, ate till I died. :P 

Then it was time to bid farewell to Melbourne and say hello to Sydney! :D

Didn’t take much pictures in Sydney sadly (I’m not really one to take photos though I regret now because the food was so delicious!!!!!). Ate so so so much literally it was like 6-7 meals a day HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Anyway F and I stayed in Bondi so much of our trip was spent hanging out in Bondi.

Bondi is so beautiful I don’t think I’d ever leave!!!!! The sand is so powdery, fine and white. Absolutely gorgeous.

Anyway I had loads of Brazilian food in Sydney. There’s a huge Brazilian community so I had Feijoada for the first time and also Camarao a Baiana. We also snacked on fried polenta and coxinha I loved it so much that I’m figuring out the recipes so I can cook them at home since there are no Brazilian restaurants in KL.

We also made a trip to Adriano Zumbo of Masterchef Australia fame. He is famous for his macarons so much so he calls his Zumbarons. We bought the Salted Caramel flavour and it was so GOOD. Crisp on the outside, chewy in the inside perfect.

Of course since I am a huge fan of lemon tarts, I had to try his lemon meringue tart which was also very good.

But the one thing we had to try is the infamous Vanilla V8 cake featured in Masterchef Season 2. It’s a crazy cake! It’s a gorgeous cake comprising of 8 different vanilla layers. The layers are vanilla macaron, vanilla daquoise, vanilla chiffon cake, toasted vanilla brulee, vanilla water gel, vanilla almond crunch, vanilla ganache and vanilla creme chantily. While I think the cake was nice on the first bite, subsequent bites were a little too rich and I really don’t like the water gel. To me it adds this really strange texture that doesn’t gel with the rest.

F really liked it though, said it was the best cake he ever tasted.

Sigh as I’m typing now I wish I could go back to Sydney. I really love Sydney, the weather is warmer and more humid (my skin was peeling and cracking in Melbourne) and the food is extremely diverse. Counting down the days I can return to Sydney for another holiday :P

Competing in the Pan Pacs taught me a lot of things so I’ve been toying around with writing some articles on:
1. How to eat a super clean diet to cut and make weight (includes recipes!)
2. How to survive a 8 hour flight when you’re cutting weight 
3. How to compete in a ‘cold’ country (Mostly for the reference of my South East Asian readers!!!! I was wearing socks and gloves to keep warm in the bullpen)
4. How to compete in a tropical country where heat and humidity will kill you.

Sounds like fun :>